How does AutoFile work?

If you're searching for a software solution to automatically file your sales tax returns on your behalf, then you may be interested in our AutoFile service

  • When you sign up for a paid subscription, you gain access to TaxJar® Reports
  • Your TaxJar Reports provide automated sales tax Reports that break down your sales data by jurisdiction, which simplifies the process of filing manually.
  • If you want to opt into TaxJar's AutoFile service, then you would need to enroll in AutoFile first to let us know you're interested in having us file your sales tax returns. 
  • We can AutoFile for you in every U.S. state

To be clear, AutoFile is an additional service with its own enrollment process and the cost for AutoFile varies depending on your TaxJar Reports plan type and the volume of AutoFile returns you purchase. 

As a reminder, you don't have to enroll in AutoFile to use TaxJar. You can also file your returns yourself using your TaxJar Reports, and we show you how to do this here.

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