How do I enroll in AutoFile?

You can enroll in AutoFile by completing all sections of the AutoFile enrollment form in your TaxJar Dashboard.

  • Before enrolling, you'll need an active sales tax registration for the state where you want to enroll, as well as a U.S. based bank account. For some states, you will also need to have active state-issued e-file credentials.
  • You'll also need to be sure the state registration number has already been added to your TaxJar account's nexus states in your State Settings.
  • Confirm that your filing frequency is correct. To update your filing frequency (to monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) visit that state in your TaxJar account's State Settings and click the "Edit" link to update your frequency.

Once you've taken care of these steps, you can enroll by clicking on the blue "Enroll in AutoFile" button under the name of the state where you want to enroll in AutoFile and complete the enrollment form.



  • The dates for the AutoFIle enrollment window will be displayed on your Dashboard.

Please Note: If you are enrolling in AutoFile for a future filing, please enroll in AutoFile after your returns for the current period have been completed. 🗓

  • If you want TaxJar to file your 2018 annual return in January 2019, you'd want to enroll in AutoFile before January 2019 enrollment closes.
  • But, if you have already filed your 2018 annual return and you don't want TaxJar to file the 2018 annual return (but instead would like TaxJar to begin filing when your 2019 annual return is due) then you would want to wait until after the due date for the 2018 Annual return has passed to enroll.
  • Example: If the return you have already filed (and do not want TaxJar to file) is due on January 31, 2019, please enroll in AutoFile any time after January 31, 2019 has passed so that our system will not attempt to file a return for a period that you have already submitted.


If enrollment isn't currently open, you'll see a button that tells you when enrollment will open again.  If enrollment isn't open; you'll need to file manually, but you'll be able to sign up during the next open enrollment period!


First click the blue "Enroll in AutoFile" button below the state name on your Dashboard:


Next, you'll be asked to complete the AutoFile enrollment form, which has a few sections.


Make sure the information you enter here matches the details the state has on file for your sales tax registration, especially in the Federal Tax ID and Business Name fields.


The details in Step 2 are crucial to our ability to accept your enrollment and AutoFile your returns. All details must be correct and match exactly what the state has on file for your account, including your filing frequency (you have to select the frequency the state assigned you), your Sales Tax Registration/Permit Number and state e-file Username and Password. 

Please note that our state reports automatically default to a Monthly filing frequency. But, if your state requires you to file Quarterly, or even Annually, you should change this ( before enrolling in AutoFile) by clicking on the wrench next to the filing frequency you see for the state in your Dashboard.

Requirements for the details in Step 2 will vary from state to state, depending on the information we need to submit a return in that state.


These details are also important--if we don't have the correct bank account number, routing number, and type of bank account, the state won't be able to debit your account. Please review this information carefully to make sure there are no mistakes.


To complete the enrollment form, check the box in Step 4 to agree to the terms of service and click the final button to save your enrollment form.


After you complete the enrollment form, our filing team will review the details you submitted for accuracy. This typically takes a few business days to process. In the interim, you will see that your enrollment is "Pending" on your Dashboard:


If our Filing Team sees issues or has questions regarding the information in the enrollment form, TaxJar will contact you. You'll also see a message on your Dashboard to let you know that we won't be able to AutoFile for you until you have resolved the issue.

  • The information you submit must be accurate and match the information within your state e-file account.  Please be sure to fill out all fields in each section of this form and double check your entries for typos, case sensitivity etc.
  • If we are not able to successfully enroll you during the enrollment window, you will be able to re-enroll the following month.


After your enrollment has been reviewed and accepted by our filing team, you will receive an email confirming that you are successfully enrolled and your Dashboard will also then show that you are now enrolled in AutoFile:

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