Am I enrolled in AutoFile?

You can confirm if you're successfully enrolled for AutoFile here

Please note, if you see the state with an "Active" status in the Enrollment column, then TaxJar will be filing your next sales tax return for that state:

We do not submit the details from your Reports to a state unless you specifically request that we do so by enrolling in our AutoFile service for each individual state where you'd like us to file on your behalf.

  • If you do not enroll in AutoFile, you are responsible for filing your own returns with the states.
  • We show you how to enroll and provide enrollment checklists per state to ensure you have the information required in order to verify your enrollment eligibility.

When you first sign up for TaxJar, your TaxJar Reports subscription allows TaxJar to compile your transaction data into clear, concise Sales Tax Reports that are updated each day. 

  • In these Reports, you can see your sales broken down with the details the state would like to see when you file your returns.
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