What happens if I enter my payment information before my 30-day trial is over?

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Why should I start a trial?

We offer a free 30-day trial to all new customers to allow you to get a feel for the way our system's Reports will display your transaction data. When you create a free TaxJar trial account, we'll import your last 60 days of data from your Linked Accounts.

  • This sample import of data for our free trial is designed to show you exactly how TaxJar quickly imports your cart's data and compiles it into detailed Sales Tax Reports that contain the jurisdiction breakdowns you would need to file a return.
  • These Reports will save you hours of time when filing vs. the time you'd spend manually compiling this information using your cart's Reports, as we discuss in more detail here.
  • You can also use the trial data to compare to your last 60 days of gross sales totals in your cart to see how TaxJar's data compares to your cart's reporting.

What if I need more than what the trial offers?

Some users prefer to see more than the last 60 days of data immediately, so the system also provides an option to end your trial at any time and activate your monthly or annual subscription, which allows us to automatically download your sales tax data going back to January 1, 2023.

Why do I need to upgrade early?

There are several reasons why you may need to activate your subscription before the end of your trial:

1. To file a quarterly sales tax return.

  • You can use your Sales Tax Reports to file your sales tax returns manually, and we show you how to do this here, but quarterly filing periods require your previous 90 days of sales tax data, and the free trial only provides 60 days. 

2. To file an overdue sales tax return. 

  • If you need to file an overdue sales tax return for a previous filing period, you will need to activate your subscription for us to download all of your 2023 sales tax data.
  • If the previous filing period is in a prior year, an active subscription is required to request prior year data.

3. To enroll in AutoFile.

  • If you prefer to have TaxJar handle your filings, an active subscription is required to enroll in our AutoFile service.
  • Our AutoFile process has been approved by the state for accurate filing and it will save you time each time you are required to file! 

How can I end my trial early and upgrade to a paid subscription?

If you'd like to end your free trial & activate your subscription, you can do this at any time by selecting a subscription plan, entering your payment information, and clicking the green "Continue to review plan" button on your account's Plan & Billing page
  • Please note that before you're able to click the green "Continue to review plan" button, you'll first need to check the box right above that button and acknowledge your understanding of TaxJar's flex fees charge.

Next, please make sure to review the details on the following page and then click the green " Confirm" button at the bottom of the page. 

  • Clicking the "Confirm" button means that your trial will end immediately and you will be instantly billed for your first subscription payment.

Once you have completed these steps the system will begin importing your historical sales and tax data, and you will now also be able to request prior year data and enroll in AutoFile.