What are flex fees?

What happens if I exceed my subscription's monthly order limits?

We realize your order* volume may fluctuate above the order limit for your plan at times.

If this happens, you will be charged a Flex Charge for the price of the plan that matches your order volume for the month that your order limit was exceeded. This happens automatically to ensure there is no interruption in service for either your sales tax calculations, your order imports for sales tax Reporting, or both.

Each user who signs up for an active TaxJar subscription is shown this detail during the checkout process and is required to agree to the terms of Flex Fee billing in order to complete their purchase:

Flex Charge FAQ's:

Will I be billed any type of penalty fee when I am billed a Flex Charge?

No. We don't add any additional penalty fees just because you went over your plan's limit--you'll simply be billed for the plan that covers your order volume during the month you exceeded your plan's order limit.

Should I choose a different subscription plan when I get a Flex Charge?

We recommend choosing a plan that matches your average volume in your non-peak sales months. This will keep you from being on a plan that's too large for the majority of the year, and will ensure that you only see Flex Charges when your sales fluctuate above your regular totals during peak sales periods. 

If you see Flex Charges more frequently during non-peak sales months, it's probably time to consider upgrading to the plan that best matches your current monthly order volume

When will I see Flex Charges on my invoice?

You will see the Flex Charge any time you go over your plan's monthly order limit.

*Please note that any API tax calculations or rate lookups that we provide are counted towards your monthly order limit."