Billing: Why was I charged before my 30-day trial ended?

We explain in this article how to end your trial early and the reasons why you might want to do so.

In summary, if you selected a plan and entered payment information, you were then directed to review and confirm in order to sign up for a paid TaxJar subscription. 

  • In order to upgrade your subscription, you will be instantly billed for your first subscription payment upon clicking the green "Confirm" button. We state on that page that your trial will end immediately. 
  • Once you have completed these steps the system will begin importing your sales and tax data going back to January 1, 2021, and you will also be able to request a prior year data and enroll in AutoFile.

If this was not done intentionally, we are happy to revert you back to a trial account.  To return your account to the trial period, please reach out to us at and confirm that you acknowledge the following: 

  1. Reverting back to a trial account will also remove all sales tax data prior to the 60 days offered for trial accounts. 
  2. You will also not be able to enroll in AutoFile until you activate your monthly or annual subscription again.
  3. Your 30-day trial period will not reset; it will continue to countdown from wherever you left off before you activated your subscription.

Our support team will respond to you within our business hours regarding the next steps!