I don't see the "Enroll in AutoFile" button on my Dashboard

In order to enroll in AutoFile, you'll first need to have an active sales tax license, which means you won't see the "Enroll in AutoFile" button on your Dashboard until our system recognizes that you have an active sales tax license.

1) If you've collected sales tax in the state for the current filing period you'll see the "enroll in AutoFile" button on your Dashboard. 

  • If you're already collecting sales tax, our system understands that you have a sales tax license, as the states consider it unlawful to begin collecting without a license.

2) If you have not yet collected sales tax for the current filing period, but you have an active registration, you should add the state as a nexus state in your account by filling out all of the details in the State Settings, including your State registration number to see the AutoFile enrollment button. 

  • To do this, click the 'change' link next to the state name in your State Settings and add your registration number. 
  • After you complete this step, you'll see AutoFile enrollment button on your Dashboard for the state.
  • Click that button to get started with your enrollment!

How to get notified when AutoFile enrollment opens

Depending on the date you attempt to enroll, you may see a message that tells you the next date that you'll be able to enroll in AutoFile. 

Once you click that button, the "Notify me" button will disappear and you'll see a message that you have enabled a notification.

  • Keep an eye on your inbox--you'll receive an email to alert you about the next enrollment date as it gets closer.
  • After you receive that email, note the new enrollment dates listed--you'll need to log back in to your TaxJar account when enrollment opens to complete and submit your AutoFile enrollment form during that enrollment window.

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