How to cancel AutoFile enrollment

If you have an active AutoFile enrollment and need to cancel future filings, you can now do this from within your TaxJar account.


  • Once you cancel your AutoFile enrollment in a state, we will not AutoFile these returns for you unless you re-enroll* in AutoFile for that state again in the future. 
  • *Please note: If you cancel and re-enroll, your business's details will need to be fully reverified by our Filing team.
  • If you're interested in skipping a filing instead, we show you how to pause and skip a filing here for a state you're currently enrolled in.
  • How to cancel an AutoFile enrollment:

    1. Log in to the TaxJar Administrator account for your business.
    2. Click the AutoFile tab to access your AutoFile Dashboard.  
    3. On the left, under My AutoFile, select Manage State Enrollments.
    4. Select I need to cancel AutoFile enrollment for a state:

    5. Select the state(s) for which you need to cancel AutoFile. 
      • AutoFile enrollment cancellations will need to be submitted by the 4th of the month to be effective for the current filing period.
    6. If you choose Select All States, only eligible states will be selected.
      • 🚫IMPORTANT:  You will not be able to cancel AutoFile returns that have a status of filing in progress or submitted.
    7. Review and confirm that you are prepared to cancel your active AutoFile enrollment. 
      • TaxJar cannot mark returns as "final" in order to close a state registration. 
      • You must check the box to acknowledge this in order to proceed with your cancellation request.

    8. Click the green Cancel Eligible State(s) button to complete your cancellation.
    9. You will receive a confirmation notice both on screen and to your email address on file.

    What if I don't see the option to cancel?

    For added safety, this cancellation feature is only available from within an Administrator account. In order to cancel AutoFile enrollment using this method, you will need to be logged in to the Administrator account for your business. 

    If you need additional assistance, please email

    As we mention here, we send an email notification the first of the month before your return begins processing to let you know that our system is preparing to file your return. To cancel an enrollment and return for the current month, your request must be submitted by the 4th of the month.

    Can AutoFile mark my returns as final?

    At this time, AutoFile does not support marking returns as final to close your state registration. 

    If you're closing your business, we recommend two options:

    1. Allow TaxJar to AutoFile the upcoming state sales tax return as scheduled and, after your return is submitted via AutoFile, work directly with the state to close the registration.
    2. Or, file your return manually and marking it as final when you submit the return.

    If I cancel my account, how do I obtain copies of the returns filed via AutoFile?

    You can view and download a copy of the return information* we submitted to the state for your AutoFile in your TaxJar account's Filing History to retain for your records.

    As soon as the account is canceled, you will immediately lose access to your TaxJar data.

    • Therefore, you should save any details from your account that you would need for your records before canceling your TaxJar account.
    • If you need to access any data after canceling, you will need to do so by reactivating a paid subscription.

    We explain here how records for your state filings display differently when filed electronically versus manually.