When will my AutoFile return be filed?

Our system begins processing returns on the 4th day of the month the return is due. Though we can't predict in advance the exact date your return will be filed, it will be submitted and confirmed by the state's due date.

  • You will not be able to choose the date that your return is AutoFiled or the date that your account is debited by the state.
  • You'll receive an email notification 2 days before your AutoFile return begins processing and at that time, it will be marked in Yellow (Scheduled) on your account's Dashboard.
  • Once you receive this email, you'll need to make sure that you add all additional sales data into TaxJar and make sure the funds are available in your account for the state to debit.

  • If the state is marked as Yellow (Scheduled) on your Dashboard, you will still be able to upload CSV sales to be included in the current return.
  • After two days, the Yellow (Scheduled) period will end and the state will be marked as Blue (In-Progress/Submitted) or Green (Completed) on your account's Dashboard, which means that no further changes will be allowed to the Report's data.
  • If you mark transactions as wholesale/exempt or categorize products in the Exemptions tab after the state is marked as Blue (In-Progress/Submitted) or Green (Completed) on your account's Dashboard, those changes will not be applied to any return in that is In-Progress, Submitted or Completed.
  • If you import new transactions (via a cart connection, CSV or API) when the state is marked as Blue (In-Progress/Submitted), Red (Filing Issue) or Green (Completed) on your account's Dashboard, those transactions will be included in the return for the next filing period, but will not be included in the current return.
  • The state will typically debit your return when the return is marked as Blue (In-Progress) or Green (Completed) on the Dashboard, but because the debit is controlled by the state's DOR, we cannot predict the date they will withdraw the funds from your account.
  • If funds are not available when the state attempts to debit your account, you will receive a nonpayment notice from the state and you will need to contact the state directly to make arrangements for a new debit attempt.