Can TaxJar file overdue returns?

At this time, we are optimized to AutoFile returns that are currently due, and we won't automatically go back and AutoFile returns from previous filing periods.

If you have overdue returns in states where AutoFile is offered, TaxJar can file returns from previous filing perios in some states,* upon request, for $49.95 per return, after you have successfully enrolled in AutoFile for that state.

*We are not able to AutoFile returns from previous filing periods in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington.

You can also go back file returns from a previous filing period yourself using your TaxJar Reportsfor those periods.

If you have enrolled in AutoFile for the state where you have unfiled returns for past filing periods and you'd like us to file a past due return, please send your request to, along with the state name and the filing periods you would like TaxJar to file.

Once your request is received and confirmed, you past due returns will be processed within 3-4 weeks.

Although our filing fee for overdue/late enrollment returns is $49.95 per return; the state may also assess further penalties and interest in addition to the sales taxes owed when the return is filed and TaxJar will AutoFile the amount that the state calculates.

Or, if you prefer not to use AutoFile for your past due return, you can go back and file any returns from previous filing periods yourself using your TaxJar Reports for those periods.

TaxJar's Expected Sales Tax Due Report will also show you an estimate of what you may owe for the past due filing period. This report won't estimate penalties or interest fees that state may add, so the final amount you'll owe will need be calculated at the state's website as you're in the process of filing your return.

We explain how to use your TaxJar Reports to file a return with the state here.

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