Which Report is used for AutoFile: Actual or Expected?

AutoFile is based on the Expected Sales Tax Due Report, which means that when you enroll in this service, the total we expect to file will be based on the estimate you see in the Expected Sales Tax Due Report.

Over the course of filing thousands and thousands of returns, we have determined that the state's calculation is very close to the estimate you see in the Expected Sales Tax Due Report, so we provide that estimate to give sellers advance notice of the amount the state is going to expect to be paid.

  • At this time, our Reports are based on the transaction information we receive from your cart and if you didn't collect tax on a transaction at the time of the sale, our system will see that the sale is untaxed. (Please note, we do support marketplace facilitator-collected sales tax for these platforms/carts.)
  • We strongly recommend categorizing your products and designating your customers as exempt.  Otherwise, we're not able to see an explanation from your cart that tells us why the item was not taxed. 
  • The states demand very specific detail on untaxed items. If we do not currently receive enough information to properly classify your untaxed sales, we do not want to file a return that results in a penalty notice or an audit for your business, which is why AutoFile is based on the Expected Report.
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