Reasons for $0 on Dashboard

If you are seeing $0 on your Dashboard and do not think that this amount seems right, there are a few things you can look into.

1. Are you still on a free trial? 

  • Keep in mind that the amount of data you'll see in your TaxJar Reports will be based on the range of transaction data we import for you and we explain this in more detail here.

2. Have you checked your Nexus Established date in your state nexus settings page?

  • Please note that TaxJar will treat all sales prior to this date as non-taxable. 

3. Did you turn on your collection settings for carts that have their own internal sales tax calculations?

  • Our Reports reflect the transaction data as it occurred at the time of the sale.
    We explain here why your Reports will also display $0.
  • If you have not yet collected any sales tax, your Actual Sales Tax Collected report will reflect your sales but will not show that any sales tax is due. We discuss this in more detail here.

4. Are all of your sales in this state from a Marketplace Facilitator?

  • Our state Reports will bucket your Marketplace Facilitator sales under a "Marketplace Sales" row within each specific state Report and this is just for the states where sales tax is automatically being collected and remitted on your behalf.