How can I exclude sales prior to my nexus start date in my Reports?

You can always determine the range of data currently displayed in your TaxJar Report by viewing the date range displayed in the Upper Right side of the Report:

My nexus start date isn't the same as the first day of the filing period in the Report. What should I do?

If your nexus start date doesn't line up with the date range displayed for your filing frequency, you can force your account's Reports to ignore sales prior to your nexus start date by entering a nexus start date for the state in your account's State Settings.

  • Please note that we do not support AutoFiling returns for partial filing periods (returns with a nexus start date that is after the first day of the filing period). 
  • If you enroll in AutoFile, all sales for the entire filing period will be reported to the state when your return is AutoFiled.