How often do I need to file?

What is my filing frequency?

When you create your TaxJar account, you'll notice at all of your individual state Reports on your account's Dashboard automatically default to a monthly filing frequency for each state.

But, the states themselves determine the official filing frequency for each taxpayer--it can be either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on the regulations of each state and your sales volume.

If you've registered for a sales tax license and you're not sure of your frequency, you can confirm the filing frequency the state has determined for you, you should contact your state's sales tax office. 

To make sure your TaxJar Reports always match the filing frequency that state has assigned you in the states where you've registered, you'll want to be sure to edit the State Settings for each of your nexus states to reflect the exact filing frequency the states have assigned you. 

When is my sales tax return due?

Each state has a different set of sales tax return due dates. You can find the sales tax return due dates by clicking the state’s name on this map to view TaxJar’s State Guide for a specific state. On the left-hand side of the State Guide, just click the “When are returns due?” option under “Table of Contents.

We also update this section of the TaxJar blog with blog posts listing the specific sales tax return due dates by state.

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