I received a frequency change notification from the state. How do I update my AutoFile enrollment?

From time to time, the states will send out notices announcing a new Filing Frequency for your sales tax account.

  • If you're enrolled in AutoFile, it's vital that you share these notices with TaxJar so that we can file your last return with the current frequency and also make sure we update your AutoFile enrollment to the new frequency when the time comes.
  • As the owner of the registration, you are the direct recipient of all state issued notifications regarding your sales tax license (including frequency changes) and our system does not receive this detail from the state.
  • If you don't share these notices with TaxJar, your AutoFile enrollment will not get updated to match the new frequency. This may result in penalty or interest fees from the state for missed returns with the new frequency, and you'll be responsible for those fees.

Should I update this myself?

No; please don't attempt to make this change on your end.

  • If you receive one of these notices, please don't attempt to update your frequency in your account--making this change too early could result in missing the frequency for your final return with the current frequency.

What should I do to make sure my frequency gets updated?

Instead, please email a copy of your frequency change notice to support@taxjar.com.

  • Once our filing Team receives the notice, they'll review to verify the first date for filings with the new frequency and update your enrollment on our end so that your frequency will automatically update to match the state's new schedule for your account.