How to pause my AutoFile return?

If you're successfully enrolled in our AutoFile service, you can pause or request to skip filing your Sales Tax Return from your AutoFile Dashboard.

Here's how to pause your AutoFile:

  • Log in to your TaxJar account and click the AutoFile tab to access your AutoFile Dashboard.  
  • Click Manage my AutoFile and then select "Manage Filings" 

Check the state(s) that you want to pause or skip AutoFile(s) and select the reason. 

  •  Requests to pause or skip are unavailable for AutoFiles that are in progress or submitted

1.  If you select that you need more time to review, add or edit data, or prepare funds, your AutoFile can be paused and will resume automatically. 

  • Our system will resume filing your sales tax returns per the expiration date and time.
  • Please note, the expiration date and time cannot be extended. 

2. If you need data or duplicates deleted, you will need to specify the exact data. 

  • Please be as detailed as possible.

3. If you select, "I do not want TaxJar to file for me this month" you are requesting that our AutoFile team skip filing your Sales Tax Return for the current filing period.   

  • Please provide a reason why you do not want TaxJar to AutoFile your Return.

Requests to skip an AutoFile are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the TaxJar team.   

For users with a quarterly prepay filing frequency, AutoFile cannot skip monthly prepayments for California, Iowa, New York, or New Jersey. If you wish that we skip a monthly prepayment for you in one of the above states, we will have to cancel your AutoFile enrollment for the state. 

    • Please note that we can still skip a Quarterly return.
    • Example: If you are a quarterly prepay filer in Iowa, we can't skip your February 2020 monthly prepayment, but we can skip your Q1 2020 return. 
    • Please note, if you elected to skip a filing for a state that requires an annual reconciliation return (Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island), this may impact our ability to AutoFile an annual reconciliation return on your behalf. 
  • Please note, although you will receive an immediate confirmation that your request was submitted, this is a confirmation that your Pause Request has been received and the request to skip filing your Sales Tax Return for that state is now under review.  
  • To be clear, a member of our support team needs to review your request and will respond via email within 24 hours to let you know if we are able to successfully skip your filing. 
  • Your AutoFile return is still scheduled to be filed until you receive this additional approval email from the TaxJar team.

What happens next?

1. If you're simply pausing to review, add or edit data, your AutoFile will automatically resume by the indicated expiration date and time.
2. If you're requesting to have data deleted, our support team will confirm when your data has been removed and notify you that your Filings have been resumed. 
3. If you're requesting to skip an AutoFile, please expect our team to contact you further. 

What if I don't see the option to pause?

As we mention here, we send an email notification the first of the month before your return begins processing to let you know that our system is preparing to file your return.

Your return has already been submitted to the state if you click "Manage my" and are presented with either of these messages: 

1. Sales tax return has been submitted via AutoFile and cannot be stopped or paused: 
States will be greyed out and unable to select while being submitted via AutoFile. 

2. Sales tax return has been submitted and completed via AutoFile. 

If you see these messages, it is too late to stop your sales tax return from being submitted via AutoFile.  

  • We are happy to cancel the enrollment so that no filings are submitted moving forward. 
  • Please follow these instructions to cancel your AutoFile enrollment for a state.

How many times can I pause my AutoFile return?

Once. You may pause your return one (1) time per return. 

  • Note: You will not be able to extend a pause by submitting a new pause request. 
  • Multiple pause requests for the same return will not be allowed.

If you have questions about a paused return, please reach out to as quickly as possible.

Please note that if you are enrolled in AutoFile and need more time to review, adjust or ask questions about the data in your Sales Tax Report before our system AutoFiles, you must request to pause your AutoFile return directly within your TaxJar account. You should pause your return from your AutoFile Dashboard while you are waiting for a response to your support request.