Import or Edit Transactions with a CSV

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How do I upload or import data?

  • If you have sales from e-commerce platforms (or a brick and mortar store) outside of our direct integrations, you can import them using a CSV file HERE. (You'll need an active TaxJar subscription to access this link.)

Quick Tip: You can also add a Linked Account or upload a file here in your Transactions

How can I edit or fix my transactions?

You can edit details for transactions previously imported via CSV or a direct account connection by uploading a CSV with the details you'd like displayed in TaxJar for the order(s) you need to edit. 

  • We discuss how to do this in more detail here.

How to upload CSV files

1) Visit the Linked Accounts page and click on "Manage CSV Files."

2) On the next page, click "Upload CSV File."

3) Click "Browse" to select your file and "Upload File" to upload your CSV.

If you receive an error message that we were not able to import rows in your CSV, that means one or more of the values in your CSV is not formatted to match the values our system will accept in an import.

To resolve this error and make sure your import is successful, please be sure to follow the exact guidelines we list here.

You can download a Sample CSV from this page  to see an example of the correct formatting.

Why did some of my Transactions fail to upload?

New Feature! 

As of July 29, 2019, if you receive an error message that there were Failed Transactions in your CSV, you can find out why those rows did not successfully import by visiting your CSV Imports page. 

  • Click the number in the "Failed Transactions" column for the file that you just tried to import:

This will allow you to download a CSV with an additional column titled "errors" that will show you the reason the Transaction did not upload:

To fix the file and import the Failed Transactions:

  • Use the information in the 'errors' column to correct each of the Failed Transaction details according to our Formatting Guidelines.
  • Delete the "errors" column and upload the file again.
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