Spreadsheet: Importing data via Orders Template

If you have sales from e-commerce platforms (or a brick and mortar store) outside of our direct integrations, you can import them using a CSV file HERE. You'll need an active TaxJar subscription to access this link.

If you have not already, we recommend reading this support article, "Importing Data with a Spreadsheet" to confirm if you should use the Line Item template, and to review for other spreadsheet-specific FAQs.

If you'd like to edit data on your AutoFile returns due this month, you will need to pause your filing before your report locks (this date is detailed on your AutoFile email notification sent on the 1st of the month) in order to request TaxJar to make changes to your data. You should pause your return from your AutoFile dashboard while you are waiting for a response to your support request. We show you how to PAUSE a filing here. It's imperative that you use the pause modal before your report locks if you're not ready for TaxJar to file your return.

If you choose to import data using the Orders template, please follow these formatting guidelines:

provider Required.
Please use lowercase to map to known providers (ie: “ebay” and “amazon”)
If the sale is conducted in-store or via an unsupported platform, then any unique keyword can be input: (ie: mycart, instore, popupshop, cash).
order_id Required. Alphanumeric.Re-using the same order_id will over-write the previous order!
transaction_type Recommended: Empty defaults to “Order”
    Accepts “Order” or “Refund”. 
    All values for "refunds" are negative and that all values for "orders" are positive.
transaction_reference_id Link refunds to the original order by filling in the order’s transaction_id here. 
Requirement: Needs rows with   transaction_type = "Refund"   
completed_at Required. Please use the ISO-8601 format in either Date or DateTime (YYYY-MM-DD).
Cannot be in a future year. Other date formats can be used, however,  ISO-8601 will always be parsed correctly. 
customer_name Optional
shiptostate Required. Use 2-letter or 3-letter codes. (eg: NY, NC)
shiptozip Required if US address
shiptocountrycode Required. Use 2-letter country codes (eg: US, CA)
from_state Recommended. Use 2-letter codes (eg: NY, NC)
from_zip Recommended
from_country Recommended 
Use 2-letter country codes (eg: US, CA)
total_sale This amount should be the subtotal (item price * quantity) + handling + shipping - discount. However, you would not need to include the sales tax amount in this column.
  • For example if you sold 2 items for $5, shipped for $2 with a $0.50 discount, then the total_sale would be (2 * $5) + $2 - $0.50 = $11.50 
exemption_type You can denote exempt transactions via spreadsheet upload for marketplace facilitators, wholesale or resale, or government or exempt entities. 
You can download the Sample CSV template from this page to see an example of the correct formatting.