How to denote exempt transactions in a CSV import

You can denote exempt transactions via CSV upload for marketplace facilitators, wholesale or resale, or government or exempt entities. 

To do this, you will need to enter values in the column with the title ‘exemption_type’ in the SAMPLE CSV file template and include one of the applicable exemption reasons below for each transaction you want to import as an exempt transaction (see image below)

  • wholesale (use for items you sold to wholesale customers who are tax-exempt)
  • government (use for items you sold to government entities that are tax-exempt)
  • marketplace* (use for items you sold through a cart that is automatically collecting for you as a marketplace facilitator)
  • non_exempt (if you made a mistake and previously marked an item as exempt, you can update the transaction with this detail in the exemption_type column)

Please see below as an example (  Columns D-M are hidden to capture this screenshot so please be sure to follow our formatting guidelines here.)

*With marketplace transactions, be sure to put the applicable marketplace name in the provider column.

  • You can learn more about Marketplace Providers we currently support in this article
  • If you are working with a Marketplace Provider we don’t yet automatically recognize as marketplace exempt, you can still enter the provider and exemption_type of ‘marketplace’ to properly classify the transaction as exempt in your Reports.

Note: If no exemption_type is provided (blank), and an order transaction already had an exemption_type selected from within the app or via the TaxJar API, the CSV upload will not "override" the original exemption_type. The original exemption_type will be kept in place.