Edit Transactions via CSV

How to update and edit transactions via CSV

You can update and correct those transactions in TaxJar by creating a CSV with those sales and their proper location. 

Once you've corrected the data, you can overwrite the current data for the sales you corrected by uploading the CSV to TaxJar so the system will attribute the sales properly.  

  1. To do this, we recommend that you first export (here’s how) the dates/transactions you need to change from TaxJar.
  2. Then you can edit the exported file and import it (here’s how) with the correct data.
    To ensure you're properly overwriting the transaction, the 'provider' and 'order_id' values remain the same. 

    You will need to double check to be certain that the file you import has the column header names in the proper order (which you'll see in the Sample CSV template you can download here).
    Please sure you remove any extra columns from the file you receive when you export.
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