Does AutoFile support Annual Reconciliation returns?

In addition to a return filed every month or quarter, certain states require an additional Annual Reconciliation return to be filed. This extra return allows you to report and summarize the previous year’s sales and detailed deductions.

Which states require Annual Reconciliation returns?

  • Rhode Island
    • Due 1/31
    • Not required for Streamlined Sales Tax registrants
  • Michigan
    • Due 2/28 for all monthly and quarterly filing frequencies
  • Hawaii
    • Due 4/15 for all
    • Not required for Sellers Collection Tax registrants

I am enrolled in AutoFile. Will I need to file my own Annual Reconciliation returns?

If you were enrolled in AutoFile for the entire previous year (or from your nexus start date) and are currently enrolled in a state requiring an Annual Reconciliation, TaxJar will AutoFile any required returns unless you notify us that you want to file them yourself.

If you were not enrolled in AutoFile for the entire previous year, or have skipped any AutoFile returns, please review the following important information:

  • For Plus, Professional and Premium subscribers:
    • The AutoFile team will review your information, assess for any missing periods, and work with you to find the best solution to your filing needs.
    • AutoFile can file your required Annual Reconciliation returns or provide data to help you to file them yourself.
  • For Starter or Basic subscribers:
    • TaxJar can not file any Annual Reconciliation returns that include the past year's periods unless they were previously filed by AutoFile. 
    • We will provide you with data that will help you file the returns yourself.

If you're interested in enrolling in AutoFile, we have more information here.