I didn't collect any tax this filing period. Do I need to file a $0 return?

When you register for a sales tax license, the state will assign you a filing frequency. (Depending on the regulations of each state and your sales volume, your frequency will usually be either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.)

Once you've been assigned a filing frequency, the state will expect you to file returns based on that schedule, even if you only collected a small amount of tax. In most cases, if you didn't make any sales to customers in the state during the filing period, the state will still expect you to file a zero return to simply report that you had no sales.

  • If you didn't make sales in your nexus state during the filing period, we recommend contacting the state's DOR to determine if they require you to file a $0 return in this scenario, as failure to do so may result in penalties and additional fees. 
  • We list contact details for each state's DOR here.

Does AutoFile support $0 returns? 

Yes, our AutoFile service supports filing $0 returns.

  • If you made sales but all your sales were nontaxable (exempt) or sales tax was automatically collected and remitted by a supported marketplace (as we explain here), your return may also reflect a $0 amount. 
  • The price-per-filing fee is still applicable when we AutoFile a $0 return on your behalf. You can learn more about AutoFile pricing in your account's AutoFile Dashboard.