What carts are supported in the Exemptions tab?

If you sell products with special tax rates or exemptions (such as Groceries, Supplements, Clothing, etc.), TaxJar supports classifying these products for sellers using the TaxJar API, and these integrations:  Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Ecwid, Etsy, QuickBooks Online, Shopify, Square, Squarespace, Stripe and Walmart.

We may not support product taxability for all your Linked Accounts.

  • If you have a combination of one or more unsupported carts connected to your TaxJar account not listed above, you will not be able to use this feature until we support exemption categorization for all carts you have Linked to TaxJar.
  • If you'd like to be notified as we add product categorization support for additional carts, please contact TaxJar Support

How do I know if my Linked Accounts support product taxability?

You will need to first determine if you have a combination of unsupported carts currently connected. 

If you have at least one unsupported cart, you will see a message when accessing your Exemptions page.

If all of my Linked Accounts are supported, how do I begin categorizing my products?

The video on this page, as well as the text on the Exemptions page in your account, will have all of the details you need to get this set up inside of TaxJar.

Once you categorize your products, we will pull in your product tax data to classify your products by their proper product tax code. 

  • This process allows you to review and approve the tax categories so that we can update your TaxJar Reports.

Which product categories are supported?