When should CSV transactions be imported for inclusion with AutoFile?

Our filing team begins processing returns on the 4th day of the month that your return is due, so we recommend uploading your CSV (or API) transactions as early as possible. Though we can't predict in advance the exact date your return will be filed, if you are enrolled in AutoFile, we guarantee that it will be submitted and confirmed by the state's due date.

  • If you use AutoFile, you will not be able to choose the date that your return is AutoFiled or the date that your account is debited by the state.
  • You'll receive an email notification 2 days before your AutoFile return begins processing and at that time, it will be marked in Yellow (Scheduled) on your account's Dashboard. (See image below)
  • Once you receive this email, you'll need to make sure that you add all additional sales data into TaxJar before that 2 days period ends and make sure the funds are available in your account for the state to debit.
  • This timing also applies to classifying transactions as exempt or wholesale to ensure they are reflected in your current AutoFile return. (We discuss this in more detail here.)
  • We walk you through the process of importing sales via CSV here.

How can I tell if I can still upload CSV sales for inclusion with AutoFile or mark additional items as exempt?

  • You can upload additional sales at any time before your return begins processing.
  • You can also do while a return is in the Yellow (Scheduled) state on your Dashboard.
  • If any new transactions are imported (via a cart connection, CSV or API) when the state is marked as Blue (In-Progress/Submitted), Red (Filing Issue) or Green (Completed) on your account's Dashboard, those transactions will be not be included in the current return but will be included in the return for the next filing period.

If you do not yet see any of the above icons in the AutoFile tile on your Dashboard, you can still upload your CSV transactions for inclusion that month.

  • The image below shows a Dashboard tile for a return that has not been locked and the report data is still editable. 
  • Any CSV transactions uploaded now will be included with the return that will be filed this month.

 If you see a YELLOW clock, you can still upload transactions between now and 7pm EST the day before the "Scheduled to be filed and paid by day" you see in that box.

  • In the example image below, any additional CSV transactions will need to be uploaded by 7pm EST on October 7, 2017.

 If you see a BLUE clock or Hourglass, the Report has already been locked. This means that any additional CSV transactions will not be included with the current return, but they will be included with the next upcoming return for that state.

 If you see a GREEN checkmark, the return has already been sent to the state and any additional CSV transactions will not be included with the current return, but they will be included with the next upcoming return for that state.