When should CSV transactions be imported for inclusion with AutoFile?

Our system begins processing returns around the 1st day of the month that your return is due, so we recommend importing your CSV (or API) transactions as early as possible. Though we can't predict in advance the exact date your return will be filed, if you are enrolled in AutoFile, we guarantee that it will be submitted and confirmed by the state's due date.

  • If you use AutoFile, you will not be able to choose the date that your return is AutoFiled or the date that your account is debited by the state.

Before your return begins processing it will be marked as Ready to Schedule on your account's AutoFile Dashboard.

  • You'll receive an email notification that our system is preparing to file your return on the 1st of the month to remind you that your AutoFile return data will soon be closed to additional edits.
  • Once you receive this email, you'll need to make sure that you add all additional sales data into TaxJar before that editable window ends and make sure the funds are available in your account for the state to debit.

During this editable period, the return will be marked as Filing Soon on your account's AutoFile Dashboard

How can I tell if I can still upload CSV sales for inclusion with AutoFile or mark additional items as exempt?

  • Always check your AutoFile Dashboard to determine if the data in your Reports can be edited or updated.

AutoFile Dashboard

  • You can upload additional sales if the Filing Status is: Ready to Schedule or Filing Soon.
  • Additional transactions imported while the state's Filing Status is Ready to File, In Progress, Submitted, or Complete* won't be reflected in that return.
  • If any new transactions are imported (via a cart connection, CSV or API) when the state's Filing Status is Ready to File, In Progress, Submitted, Issue or Complete on your account's AutoFile Dashboard, those transactions will be not be included in the current return but will be included in the return for the next filing period.
  • If you'd like to add data, you will need to pause your filing before 10:00pm EST on 6th of the month in order to request TaxJar to make changes to your data. 
    • You should pause your return from your AutoFile Dashboard while you are waiting for a response to your Support request. We show you How to PAUSE a Filing here
    • Since we begin filing returns on the 7th of the month, it's imperative that you use the pause modal before this date and time if you're not ready for TaxJar to file your return.

* If you see a status of " Issue" on your AutoFile Dashboard, please reach out to TaxJar Support for more detail regarding your return.