When can I make exemption or product categorization changes to my AutoFile return?

I want to make changes to product categorization and exemptions before my return is filed. How can I be sure those changes will be applied to my return?


1) If you do not see one of the icons above next to the state name on your Dashboard, you can safely mark individual wholesale transactions as exempt or categorize additional products as exempt from your Product Categorization & Exemptions page.

2) However, once your return is marked as Yellow (Scheduled), on your Dashboard, you have a very limited window of time to make any changes to the Report (such as marking an item as exempt or applying additional product categorization) before our system locks your return and submits your data to the state. 

If you need to mark additional items as exempt or make changes to product categorization, first check your TaxJar Dashboard to ensure the Report is still unlocked for changes.

  • As long as as there is a Yellow (Scheduled) icon on your TaxJar Dashboard next to the state name, the Report is still unlocked and you can still make additional changes. 
  • If you classify exempt transactions when the state is marked as Blue (Scheduled/In-Progress) or Green (Completed) on your account's Dashboard, those changes will not be applied to the return. Instead, those items will be viewed as fully taxable when your return is AutoFiled and you will pay sales tax on those transactions.

How do I mark an item as wholesale/exempt while my return is still Yellow (Scheduled) on my Dashboard?

How do I make changes to product categorization while my return is still Yellow (Scheduled) on my Dashboard?

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