How do I Purchase AutoFile Credits

NOTE: Before you can purchase our AutoFile Credits, you'll need to be on a TaxJar Annual Subscription Plan. If you haven't done so, follow these instructions here to learn how to upgrade to annual. 

Once you've chosen an annual plan, please go to your Plan & Billing page to purchase AutoFile Credits inside your TaxJar account. 

  1. Please click "Buy discounted bundle" to view the available options. 
  2. After clicking "Select" on the bundle of your choice, you will have the chance to review and confirm your purchase on the next page. 

Important: AutoFile Credits are non-refundable and expire one (1) year after purchase. AutoFile Credit bundles do not automatically renew, so when a AutoFile Credit bundle expires or credits are used up, you'll need to purchase another AutoFile Credit Bundle. Learn more about credits in our AutoFile Pricing article.