How do I sign up for an annual plan?

You can switch plans from your Plan & Billing page.
1) Click the " Change Plan" button.
2) Click the blue " Switch to Yearly" link to view available Annual plans.
3) Click the corresponding " Upgrade" button to select a new plan. (If you've already purchased a plan, the system will automatically pro-rate your invoice for the annual plan based on the time you've already spent on your current plan.

I don't see the option to choose an annual subscription plan. Why?

If you don't see an option to choose an annual subscription plan, this means that your cart controls your billing directly and has not given TaxJar the ability to offer an annual subscription for your account.

  • Square users are billed directly by Square and cannot currently purchase annual TaxJar subscriptions.
  • As of 1/1/19, new Shopify users who install the TaxJar app directly from the Shopify App Marketplace are also billed directly by Shopify and cannot currently purchase annual subscriptions.
  • Because you must have an annual subscription to purchase AutoFile credits, users who are billed by Square or Shopify directly will not have the ability to purchase AutoFile Credits.
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