Do I receive copies of all returns filed on my behalf?

Because the return information is submitted electronically, we don’t send in hard copy paper returns to the state.

  • You also may not see a record of an AutoFile return listed inside of your state e-file account the same way you'd see a record of a return you had filed manually.

However, once your return is filed, you'll receive an email notification that shows you the amount paid to the state.

  • You can also view a confirmation number (if we received a confirmation number from the state) on your AutoFile enrollments page under "Filing History."

You can also view and download a copy of the return information we submitted to the state for your AutoFile in your TaxJar account's Filing History to retain for your records.

  • Returns filed via AutoFile (after April 2017) will show a downloadable copy of the return that was submitted next to the "AutoFile by TaxJar" icon on your Filing History page:

Filed via AutoFile by TaxJar