How do I re-enroll in AutoFile?

If you canceled AutoFile for a state you were previously enrolled in, you can re-enroll for that state from your AutoFile Dashboard

Re-enrolling for AutoFile follows the same process as if you were enrolling for the state for the first time. 

  • We show you how to enroll and provide state-specific checklists to ensure you have all the required information.
  • Because each state varies, you may need to re-enter your state details. However, some of your information may display from before.
  • If you retracted 3rd party access in a state, you will need to grant it again,

Please note, state websites are always changing, so enrollment requirements may have changed since you last enrolled. 

  • Please read the enrollment instructions carefully and double-check your information for accuracy. 
  • The information you submit must be accurate and match the information within your state e-file account. 

Lastly, if you removed the state as a nexus state, you would need to add the state first in your State Nexus Settings. Scroll down and click the green "Add State with Nexus" button.

  • Please review these details if you are unsure if you are enrolled in AutoFile.