TaxJar Pricing Details

Our monthly and annual subscription pricing for TaxJar Starter and Professional plans is based on your total monthly order volume, and you can read more about how we calculate order volume in this article. It's important to note that API access and TaxJar API-powered integrations are available for customers subscribed to one of our TaxJar Professional plans.

  • The plan tier names include the maximum number of orders per month that are included with each plan. For example, the Professional 500 plan would include 500 orders per month.
  • Any API tax calculations or rate lookups that we provide are counted as 1/10th of an order towards your monthly order total.
  • In addition, if you decide to also send us your order details for sales tax reporting and compliance, then each transaction imported counts as 1 order toward your monthly limit.
  • When choosing your plan, please keep in mind that the order volume included in your plan is the combined total of your imported transactions (1 order per transaction imported) and your API calls (at 1/10th of an order per call).
  • Because TaxJar Starter plan subscribers do not have API access, their order volume is calculated strictly based on the number of transactions imported each month. So, for example, the Starter 500 plan would include 500 imported transactions each month.

We've also included pricing below for our TaxJar Starter and TaxJar Professional plans. You can learn more about the difference between our plans here.

Starter Plan
Starter Plan Tier Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
200 Orders $19 $205
500 Orders $29 $313
1K Orders $49 $529
2.5 K Orders $99 $1,069
5K Orders $149 $1,609
10K Orders $199 $2,149
25K Orders $399 $4,309
50K Orders $699 $7,549
Professional Plan
Professional Plan Tier Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
200 Orders $99 $1,069
500 Orders $199 $2,149
1K Orders $349 $3,769
2.5 K Orders $499 $5,389
5K Orders $649 $7,009
10K Orders $849 $9,169
25K Orders $1,099 $11,869
50K Orders $1,449 $15,649

If you go over your plan's order limit during a single month, we will charge your account a flex fee, which consists of the difference between the plan you subscribed to and the plan that matches your order volume that month.

  • The next month you'll start back on the original plan that you subscribed to, and the process will repeat itself again.
  • You will see a flex fee each time you exceed your plan's monthly order limit.

Your monthly or annual TaxJar subscription fee covers the cost of using TaxJar Reports, which help simplify the process of filing manually. To create these, our system imports your transactions and compiles this information into Sales Tax Reports that break down your sales and tax details by individual states and local jurisdictions.

If you would like for TaxJar to file returns on your behalf, you can enroll in our AutoFile service after you have an active account with us. Because AutoFile is a separate service, you will be charged an additional cost per each return our team files on your behalf.

  • TaxJar Starter plan subscribers receive 4 free AutoFile credits per year (1 credit every 3 months), while Professional plans include 12 free AutoFile credits per year (1 credit per month).
  • AutoFile starts at $30 per return for Starter customers and $35 per return for Professional customers for returns not covered by the free AutoFile credits.
  • Annual subscribers also have the ability to purchase sets of prepaid AutoFile Bundles at an additional discount, and we provide more information on how much AutoFile costs here.

Please note, if you use the Reports we provide in your dashboard to file your own returns, you will only be charged the monthly subscription fee. 

  • If you enroll in AutoFile, there will be an additional AutoFile fee for each return we file for you.