What happens to my filing if my payment is declined by the state?

If you're currently enrolled in AutoFile, and if the state is not able to debit your account, the DOR will notify you directly.

  •  The state may send a non-payment notice by mail, or they may call, email, or post an electronic non-payment notice in your state e-file account.
  • Please note, TaxJar does not handle the payment directly as this is a direct debit from the state. TaxJar cannot re-submit the payment on your behalf if your payment is declined. 
  • However, rest assured your sales tax return that was submitted via AutoFile has been submitted. All you need to do is correct the non-payment issue directly with the state. 

 In order to resolve a non-payment issue, you will need to take the following actions:

  1. Contact your bank to release the payment to the state ( If your account has a debit blocker, you will need to contact your financial institution to resolve the issue.)
  2. Log in to your state account and make the payment or contact the state directly to complete your payment.

🚨If you do these steps after the state's filing deadline, the state may charge penalties and interest to your account on the missed payment.

And, to ensure that future filings are not affected, please update your AutoFile bank account and routing number details on your AutoFile Dashboard.

  • We show you how to update your AutoFile banking information here.