When will my bank account be debited for the taxes owed with AutoFile?

As we mention here, though we can't predict in advance the exact date your return will be filed, if you use AutoFile, we guarantee that your return will submitted and confirmed by the state's due date.

  • When you use AutoFile, your bank account number and routing number are sent directly to the state and the state (not TaxJar) will debit your bank account for the tax payment owed.
  • The state will typically debit your return when the return is marked as In Progress, Submitted or Complete on your account's AutoFile Dashboard, but because the debit is controlled by the state's DOR, we cannot predict the date they will withdraw the funds from your account.
  • If funds are not available in the account when the state attempts their debit or if the payment was blocked by your bank for any reason, you will receive a notice from the state for nonpayment/failure to pay. In order to ensure that your account remains in good standing, you will need to contact the state directly to make arrangements for a new debit attempt. (We have contact details for each state's sales tax department here.)

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