Prepare for AutoFile Enrollment

We're looking forward to supporting your business with AutoFile!  

  • TaxJar subscribers are eligible to enroll in AutoFile at any time! 

    ⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you'd like for AutoFile to submit your sales tax return, you will need to complete enrollment by the last day of the month before your first requested return is due, (5pm EST).⚠️

    For example, in order for TaxJar to enroll your January 2021 return due in February 2021, you must enroll by January 31st by 5pm EST.
  • If you do not see the current filing period available, then you will need to file manually.
  • Our AutoFile service will start with the filing period you select after your enrollment is successfully confirmed by our Filing team.
We strongly suggest that you submit your enrollment early, as we may require special access to your sales tax account in some states. 
  • Depending on the state's timing, this process can take a few days to complete.
We also recommend that you prepare to enroll in advance by collecting and verifying the information required to enroll for each state is correct. This will ensure the process is as smooth and quick as possible. 
Please Note:
To complete your AutoFile enrollment, the information you submit must be accurate and match the information within your state e-file account. 
  • If we are not able to successfully enroll you during this time frame, you will be able to re-enroll the following month.

Not sure which states you're already enrolled in? 

  • We discuss how to confirm your enrollment in AutoFile here.