How to update your California AutoFile enrollment to reflect the CDTFA website changes

I'm already enrolled in AutoFile for California. Why do I need to update my enrollment?

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration recently made major changes to their online filing system, and as a result, they have required all filers to reset their Usernames and Passwords. 

  • This means your current California sales tax filing information is no longer valid, so you'll need to update your California username and password in your AutoFile enrollment form in order to have TaxJar continue to AutoFile your California sales and use tax returns.

If you're currently enrolled in AutoFile for California and you have not updated your enrollment form with details for the next CDTFA filing system, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to CDTFA Online Services and click "Sign Up Now" to get a new username and password. We show you how to do this here (video guide included).
  2. Use your Sales and Use Tax Account number and Limited Access Code to create a new Login. (As we explain here, the Limited Access code is the new name for your Express Login Code--but it's still the same code.)
  3. Make sure you set up an "Owner Account" when you create your new Login.
  4. Wait for the state of California to mail you the new security code for your account. (This may take up to 10 business days.)

To remain enrolled in AutoFile for CA, you will also have one more important step to complete:

  • Watch your mailbox for a second mailed letter from the CDTFA. 
  • This letter will look like the example letter below, and will state that Mark Faggiano (CEO of TaxJar) has requested 3rd party account access to your new CDTFA account. 
  • We'll need this access to AutoFile your sales tax return. (Warning: Your personal Account Owner Security Code from the CDTFA will not work here. This letter will contain a separate 3d party access code that is only used to give TaxJar 3rd party access to your account.

  • Once you have this letter and code, please login to TaxJar to update your California AutoFile enrollment form with the new CDTFA Third Party Access Security Code in the "State Details" section of your enrollment form:
  • Click the Green "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen until you reach the last section of the form:

  • When you reach the "Confirmation" section of the form, click the green "Save California Enrollment" button to submit your new details for review by our Filing Team:

Save California Enrollment

  • Your Dashboard will now say that your CA AutoFile enrollment is "Pending," which means your updates are in the queue for our Filing Team to confirm the new details are accurate. 
  • This typically takes a few business days to process, though it may take a bit longer due to the volume of California enrollments that need to be reviewed again.

pending review

  • After your enrollment has been reviewed and confirmed by our Filing Team, you'll receive an email confirmation that you are now enrolled in AutoFile for California (again).
  • Once you receive that email, your CA enrollment update will be complete!