California: CDTFA Third Party Access Security Code


Why do I need this code to enroll in AutoFile for California?
  • TaxJar needs third party access to your CDTFA account to verify that we have all of the information we need to successfully AutoFile your California Sales Tax Returns.
Why can't I complete my AutoFile enrollment if I don't have a valid third party access security code?
  • In order to ensure AutoFile returns are filed in time to meet the state's due date, we must have your valid security code to file before AutoFile enrollment closes for the month.
  • For security purposes, the code is sent in a letter that the state mails to the account owner and it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive after the state sends it out to you.
  • If you attempt to enroll in AutoFile when it's likely that the mailed letter with your third party access code won't arrive before enrollment closes, you won't be able to complete your enrollment form without this detail. This means you'll need to file your returns due this month manually to ensure your account remains current with the state.
  • When AutoFile enrollment opens again, you'll be able to sign up for AutoFile from your Dashboard to have TaxJar AutoFile your future CA returns.