My Dashboard says AutoFile enrollment is closed

AutoFile enrollment closes at 12pm midnight GMT 8 days before the state's due date.

If you attempt to enroll when enrollment is closed, you'll see a gray button explaining that AutoFile enrollment for the current month is closed and you'll also see a countdown that displays the date the next enrollment period opens. When enrollment opens again on that day, this button will be clickable so that you can enroll in AutoFile.

Please note that our state reports automatically default to monthly filing. But, if your state requires you to file Quarterly, or even Annually, you can change this by clicking on the "change" link just below the navigational arrows at the top of the report.

Before enrolling in AutoFile, it's important to update your State Settings with the filing frequency your state has assigned you so that we will know the correct date to AutoFile your returns. We show you how to update your filing frequency here.

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