California: How to confirm the filing frequency the CDTFA has assigned you

What is my California filing frequency?

In order to enroll in AutoFile for California, you'll need to be sure that you provide TaxJar with the correct filing frequency for your sales tax account.

If you're not sure of the exact frequency that California's Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) has assigned you, there are a couple of ways to quickly confirm this:

You can often find your current CDTFA account status and filing details in your e-file account by doing the following:

  1. Login with your Username and Password on the LEFT side of the screen at the e-file website.
  2. Under "Recent Periods," review the available return dates to estimate the frequency of your expected returns.
    1. For periods that appear to be quarterly, click into the return to confirm that prepayments are not expected.
    2. If you are expected to make prepayments, they will be visible under the I Want To section on the top right. 
    3. More about quarterly prepay frequency here.
  3. Verify that your filing frequency has not recently changed by searching your "Correspondence" tab for a letter titled "Notice of Change in Reporting Basis."

You can also call the CDTFA directly and they can look up this detail for your account. 

  • You can reach them by calling 800-400-7115.