What's the difference between the Actual and Expected Reports?

There are two versions of each individual state Sales Tax Report in your account:

What's the difference?

1) The Actual Sales Tax Collected tab in your Report shows the actual amount of tax you're collecting through your cart.
2) The Expected Sales Tax Due tab in your Report is our estimate of what you should have collected if everything you sold was taxable.

How does this help me?

This feature helps you keep an eye on whether or not your tax collection is on track at any given time.

Are you new to compliance but you haven't started collecting yet? Or, do you need to go back and estimate the amount of tax that you should have collected in the previous filing periods?

  • The Expected Sales Tax Due Report can help in both cases. We have found, over the course of filing thousands and thousands of returns, that the state's calculation is very close to the estimate you see in the Expected Sales Tax Due Report, so we provide this estimate in addition to your actual Report to give sellers advance notice of the amount the state will expect to be paid.
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