Automating Filing for Stripe Tax Users

Great news! Stripe has partnered with TaxJar’s AutoFile service to manage US filings for their Stripe Tax users

If you are a Stripe Tax user and want your filings to be automated, please be sure to enroll in AutoFile!
Getting Started & FAQ: AutoFile Questions & Resources
Does Stripe Tax set up my TaxJar settings?
What to expect with AutoFile for Stripe Tax users?
How do I set up my TaxJar account? How do I enroll
What does this message “Sorry, this feature is not currently available for Stripe Tax users” mean?
How much is AutoFile
What is a plan of 200 Orders when I enter in my Credit Card information? How do I remit sales tax owed to the state?
How much data do you import?
Can I purchase AutoFile credits?
What if I already have an active TaxJar account?
Can you amend or file past due returns?
Can or should I unlink my Stripe Tax account from TaxJar?

Getting Started & General FAQ

Does Stripe Tax set up my TaxJar settings? 

No. Stripe Tax users are required to set up their TaxJar account by completing their account information and updating their state nexus settings with their registration information. 

  • Although you have already configured this information in your Stripe Tax settings, you must input information again in your TaxJar account. 

How do I set up my TaxJar account? 

Stripe Tax users who complete a brief  questionnaire  and qualify will receive a confirmation email. Please click the link in Step 1 from your confirmation email to set up your TaxJar account with your Stripe Tax account. 
  • If you have a cancelled TaxJar account or signed up for a trial that's expired, please note you'll need to sign up using a different email address. Then, please be sure to  sign out  of any existing TaxJar accounts.
  • If you already have an active TaxJar account, please proceed here.


After clicking the link from your confirmation email, you'll be prompted to create your TaxJar account:

Connect your Stripe account.
Enter your Stripe credentials or select your Stripe account to begin importing your Stripe Tax data.


Enter your origin address:

Once your Stripe account is connected and your transaction data is loading, you need to enter your Origin Address.

Please make sure your origin address matches what is in your Stripe Tax Settings. If this address is incorrect, your sales tax filings may be incorrect! Your origin address should be the same location as your origin address in your Stripe Tax “Tax Settings” section.


Set up your state filing frequency in TaxJar.

After your origin address is entered and you are waiting for your transaction data to load, you will then enter your state-assigned filing frequency in the State Settings section of TaxJar. To access State Settings in TaxJar:

Go to: Account > State Settings
💡Why do I have to enter my state’s filing frequency? TaxJar needs your current, state-assigned filing frequency on file for each state so that we can submit your sales tax filings to the state when they need them.

State filing frequencies are most often assigned as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You can find this information in your state tax account, or on your sales tax documentation given to you by the state. 
Review your sales tax reports.

After your data imports, you will need to check your Expected Sales Tax Due Report for accuracy. TaxJar will AutoFile your Expected Sales Tax Due report to the state.

Now that your TaxJar account is set up, enroll in AutoFile!

What does this message “Sorry, this feature is not currently available for Stripe Tax users” mean? 

TaxJar has partnered with Stripe Tax users to provide automated filing for their U.S. sales tax returns. 

  • Certain TaxJar features are not available to Stripe Tax users to minimize unnecessary set-up.
  • Stripe Tax users do not need access to: TaxJar API, Exemptions Tab, and Spreadsheet Imports.
    Therefore, Stripe Tax users cannot access or adjust TaxJar state API settings, or upload spreadsheets to their account. 

What is a plan of 200 Orders when I enter in my Credit Card information?

Because Stripe Tax users receive access to TaxJar's AutoFile service, the standard billing structure does not apply and our system defaults to display this plan.

  • This does not reflect any limitations for importing orders for Stripe Tax users. 
  • Stripe Tax users are charged for each sales tax return TaxJar submits via AutoFile at $35 per filing. 

How much data do you import?

We will import your Stripe Tax transactions back to the first of the year. 

  • At this time, you can safely ignore the timeframe stated when you first connect your Stripe Tax account to TaxJar.
  • If you need previous data from your Stripe Tax account imported into TaxJar, please contact TaxJar support first. 

What if I already have an active TaxJar account?

At this time, if you've already created a TaxJar account and sell via other sales channels, then please continue using your existing TaxJar account.

  • The information in this article does not apply to TaxJar users who do not use Stripe Tax

Please do not unlink your Stripe Tax account from TaxJar. 

  • If you need to unlink, please contact support before unlinking! 

AutoFile Questions and Resources:

What to expect with AutoFile for Stripe Tax? 

Once Stripe Tax users set up their TaxJar account and enroll successfully in AutoFile, their U.S. filings will be automatically filed on their behalf.  

AutoFile enrollment: Stripe Tax users will receive confirmation from TaxJar's Filing Support Team when their enrollment has been successful. 

If the state registration details you submit do not match what the state has on file, your enrollment may be put into Issue.
Our Filing Team will reach out to provide steps to correct or complete. 
  • We strongly recommend that you submit your enrollment early, as we may require special access to your sales tax account in some states. 

AutoFile Reports: We file based on your Expected Sales Tax Return.
It is not an option to file based on the Actual Sales Tax Return. If there's a variance between the two Reports, please review that your TaxJar account settings (Origin address + state nexus settings) match your Stripe Tax Reports. 

AutoFile Pause or Skip: We allow the option to pause your AutoFile or request to skip and manually file your return. Please follow these instructions to submit a request. 

Record and Confirmation of Filings: When we submit your sales tax return to the state, our system will email you confirmation. You can review your filings in your Filing History and we show you how to export return information 

How do I enroll?

The easiest way to enroll is to go to your  AutoFile tab

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you'd like for AutoFile to submit your sales tax return, you will need to complete enrollment by the last day of the month  before your first requested return is due, (5pm EST).⚠️ For example, in order for TaxJar to enroll your August 2021 return due in September 2021, you must enroll by August 31st by 5pm EST.

  • We offer a list of everything you'll need to enroll in AutoFile, state by state here.
  • We answer more questions regarding enrollment here.

How much is AutoFile? 

Stripe Tax users are charged per sales tax return at $35 per filing. 

  • The total costs for using TaxJar's AutoFile service for Stripe Tax users depends on the volume of AutoFile returns per year. This is based on the number of states you're registered and your assigned filing frequency. 

    For example, if you are a quarterly filer for one state, then your total cost for the year would be $35x4= $140. 
    If you are a monthly filer for one state and a quarterly filer for second state, your total cost for the year would be ($35*4 + $35*12) = $560. 
  • Monthly prepayments for quarterly prepay users and annual reconciliations are considered individual filings and the filing fee will be charged. 

How do I remit sales tax owed to the state? 

The sales taxes owed to the states when you are enrolled in AutoFile are withdrawn directly from your bank account by the state's DOR using the Account number and Routing number you enter in your AutoFile enrollment form.

Can I purchase AutoFile credits? 

No. At this time, AutoFile credits are not available for Stripe Tax users. 

Can you amend or file past due returns? 

Yes! Stripe Tax users who are actively enrolled in AutoFile are now eligible to have have their past due returns filed upon request, for $50 per return.

For amended returns, Stripe Tax returns that were previously filed by AutoFile may be eligible to be amended for $99 per return. Email for assistance.