How do I file an amended return?

You can use your TaxJar Reports to file an amended return from a previous filing period.

  • If you need to access Reports from a previous filing period, from your TaxJar Dashboard click the "Sales Tax Report" button for the state you need to file an amended return. 
  • Use the Navigational Arrows at the Top Right of the Sales Tax Report to select the past filing period you would like to view.
  • When you're ready to file your return, you'll need to enter the details from your TaxJar Report into the sales tax form at the state's e-file website. (We have a list of all state DOR/e-file websites here.)

Please note, many states allow you to log in to your state’s taxing authority and amend a previous return; however, some states may require that you fill out your amended return via paper. 

If you have refunds from a prior period, the refunded orders you'd need to track to amend your returns are displayed differently by state, and we discuss this in more detail here.  

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