Shopify Billing FAQ

I don't see an option to purchase an annual subscription. Why?

  • As of 1/1/19, new Shopify users who install the TaxJar app directly from the Shopify App Marketplace are billed directly by Shopify and cannot currently purchase annual subscriptions.
  • Because you must have an annual subscription to purchase AutoFile credits, users who are billed by Square or Shopify directly will not have the ability to purchase AutoFile Credits.
  • At this time, we cannot offer other billing options to customers who are billed by Shopify and we appreciate your understanding and patience with this system limitation.

My invoice from Shopify says that I can be billed a maximum of $10,000 each month. What does that mean?

  • Shopify requires this detail to be included in your TaxJar invoice and this does not mean that you will be billed $10,000 each month.
  • Though our monthly subscriptions begin at $19 per month, the maximum monthly billing limitation of $10,000 each month is set by Shopify to ensure that you have uninterrupted TaxJar service for your account in the event that we need to bill you for other fees in addition to your monthly subscription charges, such as AutoFile filing fees or flex charges for exceeding your plan's transaction limit.
  • If you do not enroll in AutoFile, or exceed your plan's transaction limit or request past due AutoFile returns, you should not be billed fees in addition to your monthly subscription fee.

If your TaxJar account is billed through Shopify and you'd like to cancel, please follow these instructions here.