Washington AutoFile B&O FAQs

Have questions about TaxJar's AutoFile for Washington? We've got answers here!

Why can't I see a copy of the Washington return in my Washington efile account?

  • TaxJar AutoFiles your Washington sales tax returns using an electronic return process (ISR), which means that the AutoFile return won't show up in your Washington state account. However, you can view and download a copy of the sales tax return filed in your TaxJar Filing History.

Why does the B&O payment seem low? Am I paying enough?

  • Washington has a small business credit which eliminates or greatly reduces the amount of B&O tax due, which can result in as little as $0 owed in B&O tax, depending on your sales.
  • You can read more detail from the state about this credit here.
  • TaxJar will automatically AutoFile your Washington B&O return in addition to your sales tax return as part of your Washington AutoFile for no additional charge.