Washington Sales Tax Filing Update April 2018

In late March, Washington's DOR updated their efile website and made changes to the sales tax form to support the Marketplace Facilitator collection deductions.

Although the state of Washington still asks for breakdowns of non-marketplace sales, the state now requires you to list your Marketplace (Amazon, Etsy, Walmart) gross sales in Washington as a Marketplace sales deduction instead of breaking down those sales by jurisdiction or report the amounts of  sales tax your Marketplace(s) collected on your behalf.

TaxJar's Washington Sales Tax Report has now been updated to match the new changes the state rolled out and for this reason, our WA report does not list the amount of tax collected or show jurisdiction breakdowns of your Marketplace sales. Instead, the Report lists the Gross Sales from your marketplace (such as Amazon), and that is the total you see in the Marketplace Sales row of the Report.
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