Important Information about Returns for Washington AutoFile Customers

TaxJar’s AutoFile service for Washington State uses the Individual Streamlined Return (ISR) format to file your returns and remit your payment to the state.

While this filing process handles reporting your sales and use tax liability to the state, all Washington businesses must also file a Business and Occupation (B&O) tax return.

TaxJar will automatically AutoFile your Washington B&O return in addition to your sales tax return as part of your Washington AutoFile for no additional charge.

Because AutoFile is an automated process, if you do NOT want TaxJar to file your Washington B&O tax return along with your sales and use tax return, we will be unable to AutoFile your Washington sales tax return at this time.

Please note:

  • The sales tax payment will be debited from your account by the state. If additional taxes are owed for the B&O return, you will see a second debit by the state for this payment.
  • We support filing this return for the "Retailing" and "Wholesaling" classification and we AutoFile the Excise Tax return and the B&O at this time. If your business involves  Manufacturing, Service & Other Activities, we will not be able to AutoFile your Washington returns.

Click here for Instructions on How to File Your Washington Business & Occupation Tax Manually.