Professional: New Product Tax Categories

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  • New Product Tax Categories (Updated 1/15/2020)
  • How do I view or search all categories?
  • How do I access these additional codes?
  • We are constantly adding more support for product categories so that TaxJar can recognize why your sales were not taxed or taxed at a lower rate.

    You can review and search all supported product categories here:

    Recently added product tax categories:

    January 2020

    • Gift Cards (14111803A0001)
    • 179 tax sub-categories for clothing (Specific codes listed here)

    As of December 2019

    • 90 tax sub-categories for digital goods and software (Specific codes listed here)

    What if I don't have a Professional account?

    If your business is experiencing high growth or you may have more complex sales tax product class requirements, please reach out to us regarding having access to more robust categorization! 

    If you'd like to speak to someone about all TaxJar Professional has to offer and how to upgrade your subscription, you can reach us at 855-800-6681.

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