I don't see the jurisdiction breakdowns in my Reports

There may be two reasons you are not seeing the county, city or local breakdowns in your Reports:

1. If this is a recent change, then you may be selling through a supported cart which is a Marketplace Facilitator that is collecting and remitting sales taxes on your behalf. 

  • We have more information here and explain how TaxJar handles these changes per state here.
  • Our Reports display your Marketplace Sales amount per each state‚Äôs requirements but this ensures you do not pay tax on those Marketplace collected transactions when you manually file or when we submit your returns to the states with AutoFile.
  • If all of your sales are Marketplace sales, once the marketplace sales are accounted within our system, THEN a $0 return may be required. 
  • Please check your state here for state-specific information on how to file or regarding filing requirements. 

2. In your Report, if you see a sub-section with a little arrow to the right, then please click directly on the title to expand this sub-section: 

This is a Sample of the California Report - your State Report may be different as our Reports are specific to each state.