Will my Transactions in TaxJar update if I remove a Linked Account?

Will I still see updates to Transactions if an order changes in my cart after I've removed the cart from my TaxJar account's Linked Accounts?

No--once you remove a cart, marketplace or store from your Linked Accounts, TaxJar won't have access to update your Transactions (or, import new Transactions.)

If you'd like TaxJar to update or import your Transactions after removing an account from your Linked Accounts, we'd recommend re-Linking that account in your Linked Accounts.

Will Transactions in my TaxJar account be deleted or removed if I remove a Linked Account?

No--once you remove a Linked Account, your Transactions will remain in your TaxJar account. If you need to delete or remove Transactions in your TaxJar account, we explain how to submit a request to do this here.