How can I delete transactions?

If you've imported test transactions into your TaxJar account, you'll see them listed as individual orders on your Transactions page and these orders will also be included in your state Sales Tax Reports.

If you originally imported your orders using the TaxJar API /transactions endpoint, you can delete your transactions using the API and we explain how to do this in our API documentation.

If your transactions were not imported via the TaxJar API, you won't be able to remove transactions on your own, but our engineering team is happy to remove your test transactions, upon request.

  • However, if you have additional work to do to complete an integration with your cart, we'd recommend that you wait until you've fully completed your testing to remove any transactions, as this process can take some time and our team would prefer to remove all test transactions at once.
  • Once you've completed your testing, you can request removing your transactions by sending an email request to and including the details below to confirm your request.

We take data removal very seriously, as each transaction we remove will affect your TaxJar Reports, so before taking this action, we will need confirmation from you along with the following detail prior to removing data from your account:

  1. The email address used to login to the TaxJar account you're referencing
  2. The cart where these transactions took place (or the method you used to upload those sales to TaxJar, such as a CSV file or a cart like Amazon or PayPal, etc.)
  3. The specific transaction order ID's you'd like removed (or the date range of the transactions or the CSV ID)
  4. The reason you need these transactions removed
    1. I want to reimport updated/corrected transactions
    2. The orders are duplicates that were imported from another integration
    3. They are test transactions I never want to see again and should not be included in reporting
    4. Other (please explain) 

Please Note: Once your request details are received, the data removal process may take a minimum of 2 business days to complete.