How to import refunds or partial refunds via CSV

If you import transactions via CSV and need to include refunds, you'll need to follow the guidelines below to ensure the uploaded transaction is recognized as a refund in our system.

To upload CSV records of refunds, please add a digit at the end of the Refund id for the original transaction.

  • If the order number for a refunded transaction remains the same as the initial order, the new file you upload will overwrite the initial upload and our system will not properly recognize the refund.
  • If you issue multiple or partial refunds for a transaction, each refund or partial refund will need a unique digit in order to be recognized as a unique refund related to the original order id. (If a new digit is not added to each additional refund, then only the last refund in your CSV will be recorded because the previous refunds with the same id will be updated in place.)
  • Here's an example:

    Original Order id: 1234 
    First refund id: 1234_refund_1 
    Second refund id: 1234_refund_2

You can link the refund to the original order that is being refunded by adding a  "transaction_reference_id" column in your CSV.