How are refunds displayed in my Reports?

Depending on the time the refund took place, and the state's rules* for reporting refunds, our Reports may display a refunded sale in a previous filing period to ensure that the state's guidelines are being met.

Note that we will always import refunds into our system and you can see those listed as negative amounts on your Transactions page.

  • In some state Reports, a refund from a previous period can be reported in the next upcoming return. This effectively reduces the gross sales total for the period when the refund took place, which would also reduce the amount of taxes owed during the time frame as well.
  • In other state Reports, if a return has already been filed, and a refund takes place after the return is filed, the state may require you to file an amended return to get a refund for a return that took place in a previous period, rather than deduct those refunds from the next filing period's return. 

    We have talked to many online sellers who choose to ignore this state requirement and report refunds on an upcoming filing rather than bothering with filing an amended return. This decision is up to you. If you want advice, we recommend speaking with a sales tax expert.)

We discuss this in more detail in our Tips for Handling Returns on your Sales Tax Filings.